Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pardip Singh's Birthday Bash!!

Last week it was Leamington Spa's Dhadi prodigy, my friend - Bhai Sahib Pardip Singh's 21st birthday! He is studying at University of Birmingham, and living out in halls of residence. Here are some photos from his birthday party bash, which he celebrated with his friends in Birmingham.

Pardip Singh's Birthday Card.

This reminds me of Sundays at the Gurdwara, when the Granthi Sahib gives a Siropa or Gutka to whoever's Akhand Paath it was on the weekend. By the way its of Pardeep Singh and Mandev Singh, who had just finished doing Rehraas Sahib da Paath.

"Smile for the camera!!" Bhaji Charan-Kamal Singh (aka 'Chan') and Bhaji Pardip Singh (looking bit serious I must say).

Main guest (Indy Bhaji) arrives for the Birthday Bash. I wonder what's in the bag?

Aaah!! How cute! lol. It reminds me of when someone gets married and all the uncle jis and aunty jis shove loads of laddoos and barfi in the boy's mouth!

Bhai Sahib takes opportunity to show off his Dhadi lecturing skills.

Sat Naam, Waaheguroo! Bhai Sahib Bhai Pardeep Singh doing Ardaas before the Pavitar Cake (eggless of course!) ready to do Bhog.

Cake cutting ceremony. Waheguru. Reminds me of weddings.

Group photo.

Pardip Singh checking his presents.

Rupinder Kaur giving out Langar. Going with the wedding theme - first of all I thought it looked like Rupinder was drawing a pattern on the floor, like aunty jis and the boy's sister do on the night before the wedding.

Someone's feeling hungry!

Singhs eating Langar Paani.

Tinsel wale Baba Ji giving darshan and blessings to the Sangat.

Tinsel wale Baba Ji addressing the followers and giving a lecture (after he drank half a bottle of Ribena!)


rsingh said...

hahahahah its like a sikhi camp reunion. looks like fun. But singh really needs to smile. Well thanks for the ideas for Manvirs 21st Ill be sure to make sure Indy come along. (ask him to bring the nail polish haha ... he will know what I'm talking about)

Confused Khalsa said...
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Anonymous said...

holy Jesus

Anonymous said...

OMG! Hilarious photos! Thanks for posting them man.

Anonymous said...


he got wasted so bad, thanks for the pics.

i heard the big singh with the arm bandage fell off a kids roundabout and dislocated his shoulder! LOL

head of birmingham sikh society there too, he better have won the drinking competition.

sukhy looks wasted!!

awesome awesome awesome

Anonymous said...

in that picture hes doing a speech, thanking everyone for coming etc. brought a tear to my eye

and thats not cake on his face, its silly string !!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


in that picture hes doing a speech, thanking everyone for coming etc. brought a tear to my eye

and thats not cake on his face, its silly string !!<<<<<

thanks for the clarification. :)

Anonymous said...

Bit of a cheap shot with the 'baba' comments, but then thats what I expected from someone like you.

Anonymous said...

yea that was Dhadi Singh doing a speech. He tried to Sing a Dhadi Vaar, but no 1 wud listen. I wud like to know who almost started crying wen listening to Dhadi Singh's speech. Dhadi Singh had a tear in his eye aswell. oh by the way, Father Christmas is Charankamal Singh. he aint got much of a daari and he aint got any muchaan. so he wanted wear the daari. he wanted to know wat he wud luk like in few yrs time

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...


why was dhadi singh crying?

and why other people crying?

Anonymous said...

is ribena still a dharu? lol

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

from the photos I think we shud treat ribena as a alcoholic drink.