Wednesday, October 19, 2005

King's Chaa & Samosaa Partyy!!

Every year Sikh Societies hold a Cha & Samosa Party event. It is one the main important events in the Sikh Soc calendar which marks the begging of the academic year. Students from all across the university and other universities came together, Sikhs and non-Sikhs, to enjoy a nice get-together, and eat loads of samosa and drink chaa paani. Speakers give talks introducing Sikh Society, breaking misconceptions of Sikhi, Sikhs and what to expect at Sikh Society. Also a low-down of the up-coming events is given.

Here are some photos of King's Cha & Samosa Party, which took place on Wednesday 19th October, at Inverse, Boland House, Guy's Campus:

Amanroop Kaur bhenji doing a short talk

Samosaa Competition - shame on Singh! He lost... haha... not first time as well :)

Rav Bhaji struggling to swallow the Samosa... he got beat by Sukh Bhenji last year in the Prontha Eating Competition.

Rav Bhaji looking like he is gonna be sick and Sukhi Bhenji looks like she is eyeing up another Samosaa!

Sukhdeep Kaur Bhenji and Dilpreet Kaur Bhenji

Reminds me of photos of special opening ceremonies. It looks I am the first person to be honoured with a cup of chaa made by Bhaji Amritpal Singh (and Gupreet Kaur bhenji - she's not in the photo!)

Smile for the camera! - Harjeet Singh (President of Sikh Soc) with his cousin.

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