Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Have Lost My Train Ticket and Need Money!!!

I thought I would share with you stories from my journeys around London.

Once I was coming back from home to London, to go back to university. I was waiting the Bakerloo line tube at Marylebone station. A black man dressed very smartly, wearing a a suit and tie, large green over-coat and a black briefcase in his hand approaches me. He says, "I am going to Gatwick Airport, I need to catch a flight back to Nigeria. I have lost my money and wallet and nice some money to cover the cost to the airport. If I don't make it to the airport in time I will miss my flight."

The man looked very shifty and I was sensing negative energy from him. I smiled to give the facial response of "Sorry". But he persisted to ask for money, he came intimidatingly close to me and said, "Give me money, give me money, give me money." I thought "WAHEGUROO!!!!"

I said "No English!" and waved my arms at him. He laughed really weirdly and walked off. Rab Da Shukar I thought! At last my freshy appearance wearing white Kurta Pyjama paid off! lol.

6 months later I was walking back from my university library, which is near London High Court. It was evening so as I walked I was reciting Rehraas Sahib da Paath. A man comes and says, "Sorry to interrupt you, but I need to ask you for a favour..." I was bit annoyed to be disturbed to be disturbed while I was reciting Rehraas Sahib. When I looked at up at who had asked me for help! WAHEGURU!!!! It was the same man who 6 months ago tried to get money out of me. He was wearing the EXACT SAME clothes, same briefcase and he even repeated the SAME scenario, "I need to get to Gatwick airport, I have lost my money and wallet..."

I was so angry at the man for his cheek to stop me AGAIN! I looked at him and said, "You are a fraud! Get away from me or I will ring the police now!" He said, "What are going about it?" He smiled in a very uncomfortable way and looked like he was mentally unstable or greedy for money that bad that he was desperate to make a quick few pounds. I said, "You said the same story 6 months ago at Marylebone station. Get away from me! I am going to report you to the police." He quickly hurried off away from me.

You meet some really funny (funny in weird sense!) in London. Rab Rakha! :)

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Confused Khalsa said...

haha, only that would happen in london :)

its so wierd how the same guy came up to you, when theres millions of other people!

keep posting Manvir Singh !