Monday, October 03, 2005


I was once watching the Oprah Winfrey Show. It was a really sad but nice show. The topic being discussed on the show was ‘Forgiveness'.

A lady who had been attacked and raped by a man spoke on the show. She had been beaten so badly that she went blind in one eye. She had to have surgery done to her skull and to her face. The lady's pancreas was damaged and needed repair. On top of all that misery, her boyfriend was murdered in front of her own eyes by the man who attacked and raped her.

This lady was angry with the culprit. She was so angry that she didn't want people to be nice to her. She was so angry that that she didn't want people to like her. She was so angry that she put up a wall between herself and anybody who cared for her. She thought she was in control of herself and the situation, as she was calling the shots and deciding whether to be nice to people or talk to people.

But One day, the people who bothered about her and cared for her turned there back on her and left her alone. She felt so lonely. She felt so sad. She felt so left alone that she had to do something.

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