Sunday, September 18, 2005

Kirtan @ The Kriya Centre

I received an email that on Saturday 17th September there was going to be a Kirtan programme at the Kriya Centre in Archway, North London. The Centre is used for teaching yoga, running the Guru Ram Das project and carrying out activities which serve the community in one form or another.

I decided to go to the Kirtan programme. It was the first time I had been to the Kriya Centre. It was amazing to see non-Panjabi origin Sikh organising, running and participating in sewa projects. From outside the Kriya Centre I could here the sound of sweet Simran through Kirtan. It was such a nice atmosphere to enter. Bhenji Harminder Kaur from Birmingham did simran, then Bhenji Gursharan Kaur (Kent) sang the shabad "haa, haa, prabh raakh leho" and another shabad. Followed by Bhaji Ravinderpal Singh (aka Rumta) singing "saajanRaa meraa saajanRaa." It was beautiful to see everyone in the spirit and taking laahaa (benefit) of Gurbaani Kirtan. One non-Panjabi origin bhenji from Birmingham did Kirtan and sang the Shabad "jin siriaa tinai savaariaa. Dhan Dhan raam daas gur". It was so uplifting to hear a non-Panjabi voice singing Gurbaani!

Everyone was singing along in the small hall which was used as the Diwaan for Guru Ji. You could feel the vibrations of Naam and Baani vibrating in the air. It was good experience and I recommend others to visit the Kriya Centre and attend the Kirtan programmes held there.

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