Thursday, September 22, 2005

Feeling Hungry, Then Guess What Happens...

I thought I would share with you two incidents which I had last week regarding food.

I felt like having something sweet to eat. I had nothing in the cupboard or the room which was sweet other than sultanas (sogee), but I wanted something else sweet to eat because I think I had eaten too many sultanas few days before! So I walked to the shop thinking of what chocolate I am going to eat. I go there and looked around and saw a "Flyte" chocolate bar. I grabbed it and didn't pay attention to reading the back of the label to see whether it had egg in it or not. So I bought it and looking forward to eating it. I was hungry and was craving something sweet to eat.

I walked out of the shop and unwrapped the chocolate bar as I walked. Standing outside next to the shop door on the corner was a tramp. He was standing and staring at me unwrapping my chocolate bar. I felt sorry for him but I thought, "O well, I only have one chocolate bar". I carried on walking around the corner. Suddenly I thought, "read the label before you put anything in your mouth". Reading the ingredients I read, "EGG WHITE". I was like "O Dear!" I had bought it and was looking forward to eating it. I thought what should I do now? I remembered the tramp who was around the corner. I walked backwards and gave him the chocolate bar. I told him that I had not eaten it but unwrapped it mistakenly. He didn't care! He was over the moon. He had a huge smile on his face and felt so happy. It was amazing what a small thing like chocolate can make someone feel so happy. Seeing the tramp feel happy, my craving for something sweet or eating chocolate died! One word came out of my mouth: "Vaahe-Guroo" (Wonderful Lord!!)

The other incident happened last Saturday. Everyone was moving into halls and as a Senior Student I had to welcome people and ensure they were okay where to go etc. During the day the other Senior students said that they wanted pizza for lunch. I had to pop down Tesco to buy some bread and fruit. I asked whether it was okay for me to quickly pop out. They said it was fine. So I went to Tesco. I thought I would buy something to eat because I wasn't too keen on eating a Pizza. I looked around the vegetarian selection at Tesco and couldn't find anything without EGG!!! Vegetarian Sausages, Vegetarian burgers.... but they all had egg in them. I eventually found something without egg - Vegetarian Cottage Pie. I thought "at last! I fin something quick and easy to eat."

Walking back from Tesco I munched on a banana. I thought that would keep my going tell I get back to room at halls then I would warm the Cottage Pie in the microwave and eat it for my lunch. In the courtyard one the Senior students shouted, "Manvir! We've got Pizza! Come and eat. “I thought, No need, i have some food for lunch. I hurried to my room and put the Cottage Pie in the microwave. 5 minutes and it should be ready. I ripped up the packaging and threw it in the bin. I came back in the room 5 minutes later. Something guided me back to the bin and I felt drawn to reading the ingredients on the cardboard packaging which I had torn up I found the ingredients on the package. Yes, it has NO EGG! However, closely reading I had totally overlooked that the Cottage pie had RED WINE in it!! "O Dear!" So I ended up throwing the Cottage Pie in the bin. I ended up eating fruit for lunch (I suppose I got the healthier option at the end. lol). I thought I could either cry or laugh. I ended up laughing! :)

Guru Rakha.


Anonymous said...

Question: tramp????

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Tramp means "homeless person" who lives on the street.

Balwinder Kaur said...

manvir veerjee, the story about you and the tramp is very inspiring...just what i needed to read to lift my spirits. :)

Anonymous said...


If all Gursikh's accepted the Hukam Of Bibek from SatGuru, We wouldn't have these problems.

We should also strive to feed one in more needy than ourselves. What you done was right. Good on you! Thank's for sharing


Anonymous said...

yeah...u should be sarbloh bibeki

Anonymous said...

Wow! Manvir Singh veer ji you are an inspiration to us all!

The story about the chocolate bar brought a tear to my eye. I am going to go out and buy 10 chocolate bars with egg in them and give them out to all the homeless people I see. If we can all make the same effort, then at least for one day they can have some sukh.


Believer said...

if we cant eat egg, what makes you thing 'tramps' can? are they not as sacred to Waheguru as you and I?

Bhul chuk maaf

Believer said...

paaji, i was actually expecting a reply from you?!

'sacred' was not the word i was supposed to use, sorry i meant piyaare.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

i could throw in the bin and watch the hungry tramp go through the bin and get the chocolate bar (which is common in London with genuine hungry tramps). or i cud give it to him in his hand with respect and say "here i can't eat this because I don't eat egg". I don't think the tramp who is hungry, drinks alcohol to forget his problem and has other issues really cares whether it has egg in it or not.

my aatma told me to give it to him to eat as he was staring at it and looked hungry.

if you think this is paap (sin) then fair enough. Rab Mainoo Maaf kare.

guru rakha.

Baljinder Kaur said...

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh

Veer ji your food related blogs make me laugh! I spend half my shopping time with my head stuck in the freezer checking ingredients. E numbers, alcohol and eggs are very tricky and come in many disguises (i think that's the right spelling?)! I thought you might find the below website useful and interesting....

Happy munching!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Thanks Bhenji.

I now avoid eating E-Numbers all together unless it has "Suitable for Vegetarians" logo on it.

The list is useful and brings awareness that just because something doesn't directly mention egg, fish or meat it doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't contain them. Ensure its got a vegetarian stamp or label.

Guru Rakha