Monday, September 12, 2005

Back to Uni...

On Sunday I moved into halls of residence and also my brother left for Germany. My brother's in an Officer in the British Army so he's going to be posted in Germany for 6 months (I think) then he is being sent to Iraq. He will be returning home in 18 months but he might get a few weeks holiday in December.

My mum and dad helped to drop all my things off in London. I was amazed at the amount of stuff I had brought! I just discovered today that yesterday when we were moving my things from the car to the room I accidentally dropped the toasty machine (sandwich toaster) on the floor. Woops! I realised today when I was unpacking that the toasty machine had a huge crack in it and the bit which locks it in place has snapped.

After moving all my stuff into halls, my family I went to Southall because it was my turn to the radio show. Afte the show I went to Park Avenue Gurdwara. I was looking from outside and thinking "There seems to be a lot of youngsters in the sangat then usual." I kept spotting familiar faces from Boss Camp. Then I realised that people who went to boss camp organised a day out to Thorpe Park and on the way back they came to Southall to do darshan of Guru jee. It was great to see everyone.

Today I was feeling bit down (well not depressed. lol. just bit down) because no-one has moved into halls yet and there is nothing to do. I only moved in this week because I am working for halls of residence as a warden type of thing. My laptop has been sent to get repaired, I forgot to bring a television from home and I forgot to bring all my Kirtan CDs as well! So, the one or two CDs which I had I played. Listening to Shabad Kirtan and Simran my mind was cooled and felt at peace with myself.

Then I came to Library and logged onto the internet to read the daily Hukamnama from Siri Darbaar Sahib, Amritsar. The Hukamnama was so comforting and beautiful (on Ang 671):

dhanaasaree mehalaa 5
Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehl:

jis kaa tan man dhan sabh tis kaa, soee sugharr sujaanee
Body, mind, wealth and everything belong to Him; He alone is all-wise and all-knowing.

tin hee suniaa dukh sukh meraa, tau bidh neekee khattaanee.1.
He listens to my pains and pleasures, and then my condition improves. 1.

jeea kee eikai hee pehi maanee.
My soul is satisfied with the One Lord alone.

avar jatan kar rehe bahu-tere, tin til nehee keemat jaanee. rahaao.
People make all sorts of other efforts, but they have no value at all. Pause.

amrit naam nirmolak heeraa, gur deeno mantaanee.
The Ambrosial Naam, the Name of Vaheguru, is a priceless jewel. The Guru has given me this advice.

ddolai drirr kar rehiou, pooran hoe triptaanee.2.
It cannot be lost, and it cannot be shaken off; it remains steady, and I am perfectly satisfied with it. 2.

ou-e ju beech ham tum kachh hote, tin kee baat bilaanee.
Those things which tore me away from You, Vaheguru, are now gone.

ala(n)kaar mil thailee hoee hai, taa te kanik vakhaanee.3.
When golden ornaments are melted down into a lump, they are still said to be gold. 3.

pragattiou jot sehaj sukh sobhaa, baaje anhat baanee.
The Divine Light has illuminated me, and I am filled with celestial peace and glory; the unstruck melody of the Lord's Bani resounds within me.

kahu naanak nihchal ghar baadhiou, gur keeou bandhaanee.4.5.
Says Nanak, I have built my eternal home; the Guru has constructed it for me. 4.5.

Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Reading the Hukamnaama I felt so boosted. :) Now I am feeling Chardikala. Its amazing how Guru Ji just speaking to us can make us feel so uplifted and positive.

aise gur kau bal bal jaaeeai, aap mukat mohe taare. 1. rahaao.

- I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to such a Guru; He Himself is liberated, and He carries me across as well. 1. Pause.
(Ang 1301, SGGS)

Guru Raakaa!

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I have read your blog a few times but I didn't know that you present Sweet Sikhi.

I would just like to say I really like the show and I hope that you continue discussing Sikhi in the way that you do.