Sunday, August 17, 2008

KPS Slough Camp Photos

From Monday 4th August till Friday 8th August, Khalsa Primary School held it's summer Sikhi Camp. Khalsa Primary School is amazing. It has such a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere! Below are photos from the camp that were kindly forwarded by the camp organizers:

Morning Diwaan! With Guru Sahib's kirpaa, there were so many children that there was no space to sit!

12-14 years old class.

Bhai Jagjeet Singh jee (Leeds) with the younger children.


Bumper cars (I think that's what it is called!). Looks fun! I didn't actually see this.

Bhai Roop Singh jee (Leeds) doing vichaar with the children in the "Contemplation" zone.


Waheguru. Looks really fun! I felt like going on! hehe.

Daas with under 10 years talking about the purpose of life.

On Friday all the campers and their parents went on a trip to the sea-side!

Bhenji Daljeet Kaur jee's young son doing Ardaas. Waheguru.

Eating Langar on the grass outside.

Gatka by local Singhs.

On Thursday the campers did tests. Unlike most camps, this camp tests the children on what they have learnt during the week.

Closing diwaan - Bhai Roop Singh jee doing a talk to the Sangat.

Dhan Guru, Dhan Teree Sikhee!

Information on regular programmes at Khalsa Primary School, Slough:

6.30 am - 7.30 am: Naam Simran on Vaaja

7.30 am - 10am: Aasa Ki Vaar
10am - 1pm: Panjabi School
2pm - 4pm: Keertan Class

For more info about the school: Khalsa Primary School website


  1. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Gur Fathe jio

    Looks like a great Camp !!!

    Manprit Singh france

  2. Hi Manvir, Nice post. I really like the picture of the 'Gatka by local Singhs.' Do you have a higher resolution version that you can send me. It's perfect for something I'm working on.

    Kanwar Singh

  3. Anonymous2:37 pm

    gur fateh !
    just by looking at your pictures i seriously wanna move to england real bad! of course sikhi is inside ones own atma and our bana along with our nitnem is a big factor bt still just by looking at such chardi kala wale singh and singhniya makes me wanna move over here and come to these camps !